50% of our profits go to cleaning the ocean

Bouddi was created to protect the oceans from water pollution by providing consumers with accessible high quality environmentally friendly products. 50% of all profits made are committed to our fight against ocean pollution, making your purchase count.


8 million tons of plastic enter the Ocean each year and 90% of this comes from just 10 rivers. Our team is currently focused on the Ganges River, removing pollution from the water and educating the surrounding communities on sustainable living practices.


The purchase of our sustainable products fund our team to clean these rivers and to educate the people who live around them. 

Our goal

Our goal is to reduce ocean pollution by removing waste from the world's dirtiest rivers while educating the communities who live among them.

Waste removal

We facilitate teams of waste collectors to pull plastic and other pollutants from the river before it reaches the ocean. The waste is then sorted, recycled and properly disposed off. Then we repeat!


Teaching local communities about the impact of pollution on their health, their family and the environment is crucial when trying to spark change. Knowledge is power and our team looks to share their knowledge to enable others to live sustainably.


The environmental and social benefit created to date has been amazing. With the help of our team, local communities, partners, volunteers and public supporters we have sparked change. We look forward to the growth ahead and are driven to multiply the figures above.

About us

Our founders, Lochie and Olly, have been around the ocean their entire lives. They both grew up in Australia, swimming, diving, fishing, and surfing. After understanding the extent of ocean pollution and learning that there was expected to be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050 they were compelled to do something about it. 

They realised that 8 million tons of plastic enters the oceans every year, 90% of which coming from just 10 rivers around the world. With an understanding of the problem, they began searching for the solution and a sustainable way to maintain their conservation efforts. 

So in April 2019, Lochie and Olly created Bouddi Solutions and the plan to clean the worlds most harmful rivers. On September 1st, after months of planning and organising, the Bouddi River Clean Up began, focussing on educating the local communities of Kolkata, India and cleaning the Ganges River. 

In November 2019 Bouddi delivered our first products to our consumers, providing sustainable alternatives for their consumption.


With 50% of all profits committed to our not-for-profit River Clean Up, we aim to play a key role in reducing water pollution and protecting all the worlds beings who rely on the ocean.

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