Sugarcane and Agricultural Waste Printing Paper

Stop deforestation with us! We are swapping wood pulp for sugarcane and agricultural waste. Bouddi A4 Printing Paper is highly sustainable, deterring leftover agricultural waste post-harvest from being burnt and releasing CO2 emissions. At a very competitive price, we are confident we can reduce your carbon footprint while saving you money. 


Additionally, 50% of our profits go to ocean conservation. We are removing plastic pollution from major contributing rivers before it reaches our oceans.


If you are interested, we will send through additional information and happily drop a sample ream to you.

Plastic Recycling and Waste Management 

We are committed to protecting the environment from waste and plastic pollution. It is this goal that motivates our efforts and innovation.

Bouddi Solutions Recycling and Waste Management teams focus on finding value in waste, reducing pollution, recycling materials and creating new life for things that are typically thrown away.

We are always looking for innovative methods to solving the ever evolving challenge of waste management to ensure we preserve what we love. If you have any bespoke recycling needs please do get in touch below!

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