Wave of Change


The concept of the Wave of Change Programme is borrowed from the ‘Tom’s Shoes model’, under which, for one pair of shoes bought, the company donates a pair of shoes and school stationery items to underprivileged youth in the Global South.

In the same way, under the Wave of Change, Bouddi and the River Rangers together look forward to generating positive impact through a win-win situation: impactful, revenue-generating environmental awareness sessions conducted in Australia, from which financial resources are dedicated to remunerating young leaders of India to conduct similar awareness sessions in their school / college / locality.

By circumstance, the first 2 pilot countries for this initiative are Australia (where Bouddi Solutions, co-founding and financing organisation of the River Rangers is based) and India (where Y-East, co-founding and implementing organisation of the River Rangers is based). We have aspirations for the  initiative to be easily scalable to other geographies with bilateral and multilateral understandings.

AUD 100 = INR 5,640

Enough to fairly remunerate 2-4 awareness sessions in India

Awareness sessions on plastic pollution and more sustainable lifestyles are organised by Bouddi Solutions in Australia. Each such session approximately generates AUD 250, out of which AUD 100 can be sent to India.

Trained young leaders conduct similar awareness sessions in India and are fairly remunerated from these financial capacities generated from Australia.

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